I hope you enjoy this video which takes you on a virtual gallery tour of my figurative and landscape painting. This can also be viewed on the Artists Info Guide. Other useful links are in the Links Section.

About Daniel Stedman

I studied art at Birmingham School of Art and Design, gaining a degree in Fine Art. At Bournville School of Art, I studied under the figurative painter Laurie Hammond and, more recently under Royal Academy-trained artist, Paul Bartlett, gold medal award-winner for his figurative work at the RA. I have degrees in Education and Geology from Birmingham and Keele Universities and have worked for many years as a self-employed artist and adult education teacher.

My work is influenced by the post-impressionists, particularly by artists such as Van Gogh, Max Beckman, Ludwig Kirchner, Kees Von Dongen and Jan Sluitjers. I don't work from photographs, preferring to work directly from the subject. My travels, particularly to Paris, Antwerp and Amsterdam galleries have given me wonderful opportunities to familiarise myself with the work of those artists I most admire.

I work outdoors on landscapes, often in the Birmingham area, but also much farther afield in Iceland, Europe, South America and Antarctica.  My geology work has allowed me amazing opportunities to travel, sketch and paint and my sketch book includes studies from over thirty widely divergent countries.  

As well as acrylics, I work in watercolour, tempera oils and do printmaking, etching and some sculpture and ceramics. My work is divided between scientific studies and maps and expressionist paintings and sketches. Like David Hockney, observation and drawing are a vital part of my work.

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 Artists Info Guide  https://www.artistsinfo.co.uk/artist/daniel-stedman/

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